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About Simple Marketing Inc.

Our job is to make your job simpler

Designed With Small & Medium-Sized Businesses in Mind

As a business owner, we know you want to spend your time doing what you do best – running your business! To allow you to do just that, we have pulled together all of our best resources to give you a full marketing team at your fingertips that does everything for you, you just need to approve it.

Marketing With The Human Touch

We stand behind businesses and we want to see you succeed, which is why we bring you high-class marketing with a personal touch. We provide a solution with the perfect balance of technology and the human touch. In this automated world, we know how important it is to be able to talk to a real person who can answer your questions, which is why we give you your own marketing assistant to personalize your experience every step of the way.

About Simple Marketing Inc.

Simple Marketing Inc was created by bringing all of our best services together into one SIMPLE solution. We designed a way for businesses to have a complete standalone marketing department (or add the resources needed to their existing marketing department), all in one place. We are changing the world of business and marketing by creating a flat rate system that is affordable to businesses of all sizes.

You have enough things making your life complicated – marketing your business shouldn’t be one of them.

Our Platform

We have created a multi-million-dollar platform that combines content, blogging, all of your social media platforms, text message marketing, email marketing, and reporting all in one place. This allows us to streamline your marketing and/or allow us to collaborate with your existing team.

Our Agency

Our agency is built around multiple industry experts that not only know marketing, but also understand the ins and outs of business. Our team of experts love what they do. They have been structured into getting high results while having a ton of fun doing it!

Our Tech Team

We offer a revolutionary way of managing your e-commerce website.  We take your headaches away by handling everything so you can focus on what you do best! From updates to glitches, we’ll take care of it all so you don’t have to stress over technical difficulties.

Say goodbye to the frustration of hiring an endless string of freelancers without seeing your business progress!

Marketing Experience

We have over 20 years of experience in the marketing business. We know what works (and what doesn’t!). We knew we could improve on the traditional marketing system that requires so many hours and resources from you, so we decided to revolutionize marketing. We’ve taken the most successful strategies and brought them together with a power team to bring you big results.

Flat Rate Marketing Package

We spent several years developing the right process, finding the right people, and creating the right marketing platform for businesses to succeed. And even our pricing is SIMPLE at a flat rate of $1,000 per month!

What does having a flat rate marketing package mean for your business?

It means that you now have a complete marketing department (or an addition to your current marketing department). You have a full team ready to support you in a way that best fits your business. That can mean that we do 100% of your marketing and your only job is to approve it. Plus, you can submit your own marketing tasks and we’ll take care of those, too! Or, if you’d rather us take care of it all, we can be 100% in charge of your marketing and put in requests for the items you need from our team.  Both options come with our Simple Marketing Platform!

Did You Know?

Most of our experts have had their own businesses and some have even had very successful exits.

What Our Investors Are Saying:

Screen Shot 2017-07-14 at 2.39.32 PM
“Secured Equity Group invested in Simple Marketing because board members realized that there was a golden opportunity by providing a recurring revenue stream, but a flat rate to the end user. This was very important because it also combined the perfect balance of the human touch and technology. Too many businesses want to provide just technology solutions but do not add the human touch, and a lot gets lost in the translation. We still feel that you need that personal touch to make sure that the technology is operating properly and monitored.”
“I invested in Simple Marketing Firm because I couldn’t find a solution that actually worked that was within the price range that small to medium-sized businesses, turnarounds, and startups –  that I deal with, invest in, and have founded myself – could afford. When you can’t find it and you have the capability, you put a team together and build it. That’s exactly what we did.

I have known Robert Downey for several years from some other companies he had been with. We connected again, discussed the potential and opportunity, and combined his experience and expertise with my knowledge of what the market was demanding and needed. I invested the money in getting it started. Now, we have launched and are having great success.

I found it very interesting when I was looking into what companies need. Most of us that are not into the IT world don’t understand the difference between web hosting, email hosting, DNS servers (domain name servers), much less what all it took to put a website up. I honestly thought at one point – you have somebody build it, you put it up, you pay for hosting, and that’s it. But there’s maintenance. There are upgrades. The rules change, as far as what gets a website found. People think search engine optimization (SEO) is all based on key words, but a lot of it is based on how well your website runs, the speed it loads, and various other things that are totally depending on whether you are with the right host and under the right plan.

I also found that many of their communication tools were antiquated, so we partnered with Microsoft and offer their complete Office 365 package, which has become the industry standard. We also offer their email service, which they have been doing longer than anybody else. So, that provides, not only a level of security, but a comfort level in that it operates well.

Then there is the support side for all of the services we offer in our inclusive package. While Microsoft is very good at building them, they are not the best at tech support. They are not the best at answering questions, and I don’t mean that as derogatory. They will tell you they are not the best at that, nor do they want to be. What they want to do is build it, operate it, then partner with a company like ours who can explain how to use it, help users when they are having trouble, and all of those little things that Microsoft just doesn’t want to spend time on. That doesn’t make Microsoft evil. It is literally the thing I say all the time – “You only have two things to invest – time and money – and you’ve only got a limited amount of both.” So, for Microsoft, we don’t charge any more than Microsoft does and then Microsoft gives us part of that fee to do the support to make the user experience a pleasant one and to be there to help when users need it.

We also realized what people are paying for graphic art and to get an article written – all of those things that you need if you’re going to run ads. While you can do it yourself, it does take a lot of time and it does take a lot of money at times, so we brought on some of the best graphic artists, the best writers, and combined all of that so that we’re spreading their workload among many clients, and that’s how we can keep our price low. Yet our clients are still getting the best quality that a Fortune 500 company would have if they were to hire into their own marketing department, but we help the smallest startup through the small to mid-range company – that’s who we are trying to help and target.

The services part of how to post ads and how to stay in front of people are some of the biggest things that I saw we needed and didn’t have. You could schedule and use calendars, but you couldn’t really do that in a very good manner. So, we built a platform and, within that platform, basically the user can go in and either learn to use it if they want to do it themselves or have their staff do it, or we will schedule out all of the articles and they just go through and click “approve.” That is a huge selling point in my mind because most entrepreneurs, whether they be a chiropractor, dentist, or auto mechanic – no matter what their business is – they just don’t have time. So, it’s not even about saving the money for a lot of our clients as much as it is about saving the time that they can then turn around and put into their business.

Our techniques are a big part of that, as well. We are very good at attracting people to their website and letting people know their business exists. Rob Downey has been doing it for years. He has kept up with the newest trends, both what works and what doesn’t work, and probably what doesn’t work is more important at times. He combines old school techniques with new technology and we get results.At the end of the day, that’s all anybody wants – to get in front of a client or potential client, make a sale, let people know you’re

At the end of the day, that’s all anybody wants – to get in front of a client or potential client, make a sale, let people know you’re there, and cash the checks.”

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